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  1. My heart. Maybe I open it up too freely but I can’t help it. If you’re important to me, you have a piece of it. Even if you don’t want it…
  2. My legs. They’re pretty hot.
  3. I like to think I’m funny.
  4. My curiosity and need to explore new things.
  5. Being Mexican.

Thanks, Kalvin!!! :)

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Corsican vendetta knife with floral detail

"may all your wounds be mortal"

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clawdee replied to your post: anonymous said:Do you have to wea…

If you do buy one, make sure the airline you’re gonna fly allows them. I flew Delta about 3 years ago and thought about buying one but it said on their website they don’t allow you to bring your own.

Really? I just flew Delta 2 weeks ago and brought my own. No one said anything to me…? 

sweet-gherkins replied to your post: anonymous said:Do you have to wea…

I didn’t know they had those! My last flight was pretty uncomfortable. I’ll have to remember to ask next time. :)

Most usually do. They’re the ones that flight attendants use when demonstrating how to buckle your seat belt. :)

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In need.

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