Just because someone desires you, it does not mean that they value you.

Read it over.


Let those words resonate in your mind.
Nayyirah Waheed  

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Jen, I have every single coupon that Bath and Body Works has.
— Sylvia Plath 

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I need you.

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Roger Schall

Les Champs-Elysées - Paris 1930s

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I sent it as anon because I am pursuing a relationship with someone else. So for that reason I don't want to cause rabbit trails. And I'm a minor so I wouldn't actually date you under my current circumstance. I just thought you should know what one of your followers thinks of you. I hope you meet someone who can treat you right. Plus my blog is a crude FA blog.


Unfollow me.

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You should be grateful you're even getting attention.



I’m am worthy and deserving of the best, so gtfo of here that that bullshit.

Awww I'm sorry. You have a charming personality as well as being a cutie so I don't know why someone wouldn't overjoyed to date you and show you off.


Probably for the same reasons you chose to send this to me on anon.

I’m tired of closeted FA’s wanting to fuck me but not date me. GTFO with that bullshit.

I’m not something to be ashamed of!

Titan aka the Mermaid Moon

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