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Yes, that works too. Get to it! :p

The one where you punch a guy in the face who is wearing a fedora.

Get’s me going! 

on ve loupe

Crazy Beautiful Life - Ke$ha


My music is crap.


Une belle langue pour une belle âme

Mon cher ami. Vous êtes l’une des personnes les plus douces et positives que je connais et que j’admire tellement!

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Kawaii Neil.

This is what you guys are missing on TINYCHAT!!!!!!!!



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I love mint and coffee D:


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Pretty much the same for love at first sight. Love comes after learning the persons personality and finding a sync.

My thoughts exactly! :)

anonymous submission :)


“hey. i just felt like sharing, and you’re my favorite person in the small portion of the flogosphere (fat blogosphere… flogging blogs are cool too though) that i follow. if you feel like publishing this, keep me anon though, k?

so. i currently weigh 278lbs- (last i had checked, a few months ago, i was 265). i told my boyfriend this, and he informed me that if i reached 300, he would start threatening to break up with me if i didnt start trying to lose weight. i was pretty shocked- we’ve been together over 2 years and have a great relationship, despite our ups and downs. my size has only ever been an issue in the context of him defending me when his family talks shit behind my back. i do believe that his reaction comes from nothing but fear/concern. i’ve always been big, and never in my life been fit/active, and says he’s terrified that i’ll die before him (that’s a big statement, since he “know’s [he’ll] die by 40” [he’s chubby and a smoker, but is fitter than me]). like i said, my weight has never been a factor in our relationship. i just think it’s a pretty fucked up over-reaction. thoughts?”


There are a few people I’d like to call to the stand when it comes to a submission like this.

Neil and Chisi (anamanajewbee & misschisi)

Meghan (misformazing)

Jess (fatseux)

Kevin (murphmanfa)

and Jenny (jennylewren)

Bob (bob4567) and cuddlykatie

My opinion will come in a bit. <3

Tough one. Maybe he is concerned and wants to keep you around for as long as he can but I don’t believe he should threaten to break up with you because of it. 

If he’s really concered he could motivate you in so many different ways. Breaking up with you should not be one of them. There’s better ways to go about it. Like offering to work out with you or offering to both start eating in a healthier manner. (Not implying that you already don’t) Reverse motivation is not the way to go. 

Basically, there are better ways he could have gone about it. If it’s something that’s really bothering you, you should definitely talk to him about it. Otherwise, he’ll keep threatening and that’ll just put a bigger strain on your relationship and your health since something like that could cause you lots of stress.

Hope that helps! :)

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