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Pretty, pretty princess 👑

My snapchats are quality👌

Lame. 😝

Should I keep this or return it? It’s a little tight in the arms and the taco is a little over stretched looking?

Decisions, decisions.


Yesterday’s #ootd 😊

Elevator selfie! 😝

Double trouble 😉

Tried taking a selfie but a mosquito flew up my nose. 😒 #jerkmosquitos

Summer Selfies!!

Summer’s over and I just wanted to post some of my favorite selfies from this season! I was lucky enough to travel to some pretty amazing places and got to hang out with some of my favorite people in the world! I’m sad it’s come to an end but I’m ready for fall!

You guys should post some of your favorite summer selfies too! 

Goodbye Summer, you were the best! Till next year!


Partner in crime ❤️

Dat ass tho! 🙏☝️🙌

Last minute plans. 💗

Post-swim. Make-up’s a mess. 😋

Babes 👭

Happy Friday! 😊 #ootd